Our thoughts on the iPhone 12 line-up.

iPhone 12 Pro


Overall, the iPhone 12-series is a great addition to the iPhone line-up bringing many cool features (such as the LiDAR scanner for improved AR capabilities) & 5G capability for the entire line-up! However, that’s not to say all is well with the latest iPhones, as Apple has a few tricks up their sleeves to make the iPhone 12-series a lot harder to get fixed by your local repair service or even by us! The iPhone 12-series introduces a hardware lock to the camera system, which means if you have issues or break one of the cameras on your iPhone 12 then there’s not much a local repair shop can do for you. Why? Because only Apple has the ability to “pair” a new camera module to your phone, it’s not clear what the reasoning is for behind this other than to create roadblocks for third-party repair services so that only Apple can service iPhones.

Is this something Apple has just started doing? Not at all. Apple has been doing this with various components on all models of the iPhone since 2013 when they released the iPhone 5S with TouchID, basically, if you broke the home button on any iPhone with TouchID you’d have to go directly to Apple to get a new screen & home button fitted (even if you don’t need a new screen :/). Apple states that the reason for this is security, however, major android flagships have managed to include replaceable fingerprint sensors without having a security disaster so the real reason for this is pretty obvious.