iPhone Repairs – The importance of choosing the right repair service.

Smashed your iPhone Screen?

Before getting your device repaired at a repair shop/service you should research the following about the repair shop:

  • What are their reviews like?
  • Do they replace the water-resistant adhesive? This only applies to the iPhone 7 & newer.
  • How much do they charge? Often if the price is too good to be true then you’re paying the price on the quality of the parts and/or the quality of the technician carrying out the repair on your iPhone.
  • Do they offer a warranty? We’ll get on to more about iPhone repair warranties in the next section.

iPhone Repair Warranties

When getting your iPhone repaired by a third-party repair service it’s always important to check that they offer a warranty of greater than 6 months on the repairs they perform, whether it’s a battery replacement or a screen replacement you should aim for a 6-month warranty. Why? Because any repairs performed by a third-party on your iPhone will VOID¬†apple’s warranty unless of course, the repair service is authorized by Apple (you can check this with Apple).¬†

Reputable repair services will always provide a warranty of no less than 6-months from the date of a repair, make sure the full terms of the warranty are available otherwise it’s just a vague “promise” that they’ll fix any issues in the warranty period.

Where Silicon Repairs comes in.

Silicon Repairs is a highly reputable iPhone repair service based in Carterton, Oxfordshire. We currently cover Witney; Oxford; Chipping Norton; Abingdon & nationwide (through mail-in repairs). Why not take a look at our some of our glowing reviews on our Facebook page?

If you’ve ever spoken to us about the water-resistant adhesive on iPhones you’ll know that we replace them on every iPhone repair we perform (where the phone is opened).

In our local area, we’re almost the most affordable iPhone repair service (we’re about 20% cheaper than our high-street competitors, whilst using higher-quality parts & providing industry-leading after-repair support). Rest assured, our technicians are highly experienced and love what they do!

Warranty? The Silicon Promise is our warranty program for the electronics repairs (iPhone, iPad, etc) we perform. At minimum with the Silicon Promise, you will receive a warranty period of no less than 12-months from the date of your repair. Want to look into our warranty? No problems you can see the terms of the warranty right on our website.

We hope you found this article useful!

Visit the Silicon Repairs website here.