Choosing the right type of display for your iPhone – iPhone Screen Replacement

Did you know? There are many different types of display that can be used for an iPhone screen replacement? Know you do. In this article, we’ll go over the different types of displays & the ones best suited for your iPhone.

To begin with, before the iPhone X all iPhones used the same display technology called “Liquid Crystal Display” commonly referred to as LCD these displays are relatively cheap whilst offering reasonable levels of performance. All iPhone from the iPhone X & later (with the exception of the iPhone 11 & iPhone XR which have LCD displays) utilize a display technology called “Organic Light Emitting Diode” commonly referred to as OLED. Phones that are designed to use an OLED display are not designed with the power requirements of an LCD display in mind so it’s a good idea to get an OLED display installed if you ever get your screen replaced (Silicon Repairs replaces all screens with like-for-like replacements, which means if you’re phone had an OLED it will be replaced with an OLED display). 

You may find yourself asking why phones use OLED displays now instead of the traditional LCD displays, there are two reasons for this, they use much less power (which means battery life is improved) & they look a LOT better.

OLED vs LCD display technology
The difference between an LCD display & an OLED display.

There are a few major drawbacks to the use of OLED technology, the main one is the cost compared to LCD displays, often times a replacement OLED panel for an iPhone is over two times the cost of an LCD replacement, we think this price is well worth it considering the image quality & improved battery life! 

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